if i can make friends with some guy i was sitting next to on a bus for 20 minutes, i can make friends in a foreign country i’ll be living in for a year, right?  

i love naoto’s persona so much though b/c there’s so much otokoyaku influence and hnnnnnnnrg

the other day though i was on talking to this guy on the bus and he invited me to his pathfinder game and i told him i would love to but i was moving out of the country this weekend

i feel really bad because i think the guy thought i was blowing him off?  but i’ve really been wanting to join a tabletop game and would if i wasn’t flying to japan on saturday


I love video games. I love video games a lot.

I am terrible at video games.

and now that i have been driven to a point of blind rage by the internet, i am actually gonna go to bed.

pizzapality sent:

Today's Morgan's birthday! Don't forget to log on to Fire Emblem: Awakening and give the big oaf a hug from Mommy! :)


I’ll not forget


Don’t be such a crybaby, Morgan, please…. :°) (dork father, dork son, of course)